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Professional concrete lifting services in Tinley Park, IL
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Amazing job

We had them lift our sidewalk to the entrance of our home and they did an absolutely amazing job! What a difference! Rick and Danny were very professional, experienced and reasonable price. Highly recommended!!

Wendy Ziegler • Via google
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Professional Company

I was referred to this company from a concrete contractor. KR is a very professional company. They were always on time with estimate an service. Service guys also were very professional an went above an beyond to make my walkway an driveway safe for me. Thank You KR.

bob gr • Via Facebook
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Great Communication

I had Ken-Rich out to level my sidewalk and the front of my drive that had slowly caved over the past few years. They did an excellent job leveling it back up. Excellent at explaining things and professional to deal with. Great communication from start to finish. Mark and his coworker were great!

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Your trusted concrete lifting and foundation repair company

Looking to repair or raise your concrete structures? With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting is a family-owned and operated business specializing in structural repairs. From residential homes to commercial buildings, we provide premium service with the most advanced materials & technology for an unbeatable solution. Our experienced team will not only ensure you are satisfied with our job but will also consider your exact needs throughout the duration of the project from start to finish. Call us today for more information on how Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting can help improve your home or business with specialized solutions tailored just for you.

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with the Tru Link Pin, which is a torque monitoring system designed to monitor torque throughout the helical pier installation.

Fair Price

We save your money by mudjacking your concrete, not replacing it. We will beat any concrete raising quote!

100% Customer Satifaction

We are dedicated to ensuring professional service and support from start to finish. We offer warranties on both our concrete raising and piering services.

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Unlevel concrete? Don't replace it, raise it and save!

Concrete lifting, concrete raising, polyurethane raising, concrete leveling, slab jacking, and mud jacking are all different terms describing the same thing, lifting your sunken concrete back to level. Concrete lifting not only levels out concrete, but our process strengthens the concrete base to avoid sinking the foundations in the future. We offer a 2-year warranty on all completed jobs to ensure quality work and great customer service. 

Professional COncrete Lifting services offered by Ken Rich Concrete Lifting in Tinley Park, IL
Professional COncrete Lifting services offered by Ken Rich Concrete Lifting in Tinley Park, IL

What Can Be Lifted?

As a property owner or manager, it's important to ensure that your residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, or real estate space is safe for all who enter. Over time, wear and tear can cause various surfaces to become unlevel or damaged, posing a risk to those walking or driving on them. Our professional team can help you with the lifting of concrete surfaces ensuring that your residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, or real estate space is safe for all who enter is important.

  • Garage Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Porches
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Indoor Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Stoops
  • Steps
  • Factory and Warehouse Indoor Floors
  • Loading Docks
  • Public Walkways and Entrances
Professional concrete lifting services in Tinley Park, IL


  • Concrete lifting is a cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement. It allows you to restore the functionality and aesthetics of sunken concrete surfaces without the expense of tearing out and pouring new concrete.
  • Concrete lifting is time-efficient. Most projects can be completed within a day, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your daily activities.
  • Concrete lifting eliminates the need for concrete removal, which reduces waste and environmental impact. It is a sustainable solution that promotes resource conservation and reduces landfill usage.

Deep Foamjection

Has your soil weakened?

Deep Foamjection is injecting foam deep underground to strengthen poor soil. This repair is used when the main issue is improper soil conditions that exist deeper in the ground versus directly below the slab. This method commonly addresses issues that standard concrete lifting cannot, like stabilizing heavy concrete slabs.


  • Stabilize poor soil, most commonly filling voids deep underground
  • Install ‘curtains’ to block seepage (seawall repair)
  • Stabilize and lift concrete slabs, roadways, & slabs on grade or foundations.
Deep Foamjection

Foundation Repair and Underpinning

Are you looking for an underpinning contractor, or would you like a foundation repair estimate?

We have a variety of solutions to stabilize your concrete foundation, and our inspectors can determine which system is right for you based on the existing soil conditions and foundation type. Not only is our Lead Estimator, Bill Rietveld Sr, the co-inventor of the worldwide helical piering bracket, but Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting is also fully licensed, insured, and certified. Call us now to get a free estimate!

Ken rich professionals offer commercial underpinning
Professional offers residential piers

Sinking Foundations 

Do you need help with the sinking foundation? If you own a residential property then you may require underpinning due to foundation settlement – this is where your home sinks into the earth due to expansive soil, poor irrigation, and several other factors. There are 2 ways you can save your sinking foundation:

Helical Pier System 

Helical piers, anchors, or screw piles are deep foundation solutions to secure new or repair existing foundations from vertical movement or sinking.

Push Pier System 

Push piers are sections of steel pipe hydraulically driven into load-bearing soil and anchored to a foundation footing via a bracket to secure, stabilize, or lift the structure.

Bowing/Cracked Walls

Do you need wall straightening and stabilization? Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting offers several versatile systems to fix leaning, bowing, or cracking in your foundation walls. It is essential to consult with a qualified foundation repair specialist to evaluate the situation and implement the necessary measures to repair and reinforce the affected walls. By addressing bowing or cracked walls promptly, you can protect the structural integrity of the building and ensure a safe and stable environment. Contact us now to get your free estimate!

Wall Tie back services offered by Ken-rich Concrete Lifting

The Grip-Tite wall anchor utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls, such as those affected by leaning, tilting, bowing, or cracking. The system consists of an interior wall plate, an exterior soil anchor, a connecting steel rod, and hardware to stabilize and support weak or failing basement walls.

Ken rich professional offers carbon fiber straps services

Carbon Fiber Straps installed on the inside portion of the wall, making this solution less intrusive and less expensive than traditional methods. The final finish is smooth, flat, and nearly invisible when painted, and it doesn't take up additional square footage.


Stabilizer is a pre-engineered, effective, and permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall. Bowed, sheared, and tipped walls can be quickly repaired and restored with just one product. Structural steel I-beams are vertically placed every 5 - 6 feet against the foundation wall and held by steel brackets below at the footer and above at the joists. The brackets are then tightened, transferring pressure from the beam to the wall. Once securely in place, Stabilizer prevents further bowing or bulging of the wall.

Crack on outer wall

*We offer foundation settlement services for exterior cracks, uneven floor, floor gaps, interior cracking and much more

Signs of Foundation Settlement

When a foundation settles, it can lead to several problems, including cracks in the walls, uneven floors, sticking doors or windows, and gaps between the walls and ceilings. Foundation settlements should be addressed promptly as they can cause significant structural damage if left untreated. Our professional offers fixing foundations, underpinning, helical piers, or slab-jacking. Here are signs you should take Taking timely action to address foundation settlements can help prevent further damage.

Interior Signs
  • Cracks in drywall on walls and ceiling
  • Doors that stick
  • Gaps between walls and ceilings
  • Nails that are coming out of the drywalls
  • Windows that are not square or are sticking
  • Floors that are cracked or not level
  • Gaps between walls and floors
  • Bowed, cracked, or leaning basement walls
Exterior Signs
  • Cracks in the masonry
  • Gaps between bricks and windows
  • Bricks leaning away from garage doors
  • Gaps between fireplace and house
  • Sagging roofline
  • Doors that stick

Deep Foundation Construction

Are you in need of deep foundation construction?

In the rapidly developing Chicagoland area, the need for deep foundation construction has become increasingly crucial. Deep foundations serve as structural elements that effectively transfer the loads from weak and compressible soils to stronger layers located deep beneath the ground's surface. Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting, in collaboration with PierTech Systems, a renowned manufacturer of high-capacity galvanized helical piers and piping systems, offers reliable solutions for establishing stable platforms for new foundations.

With over 40 years of experience in nationwide projects spanning municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting is well-equipped to provide comprehensive assistance for your deep foundation project. Here are a few systems to secure new and existing foundations.

Ken Rich professional offers Deep foundation Structure

Secure your new and existing foundations.

Hercules Pile

Are you building on poor soil? Pour your foundation on our new construction pier system to protect it against settlement. Installing piers at this stage is 1/3 the cost of repairing a settled foundation.

Deck pier lifted

Deck piers play a crucial role in providing stability and support for elevated decks and outdoor structures. These specialized structural elements are designed to transfer the weight of the deck and its occupants to the ground, ensuring a safe and secure foundation. Deck piers are typically made of durable materials such as concrete or steel and are installed at regular intervals along the perimeter of the deck. We can install your deck foundation in hours instead of days with a helical deck pier!

Grounded Pile

Grouted piles are high-performance drilled deep foundation elements that offer greater stability and capacity than traditional helical piles. These piles are typically between 5–12 inches in diameter that can extend to depths of 200 feet and achieve working loads of over 200 tons. Grouted Piles are comprised of high-strength steel casing, rebar, and grout.

Hercules Deep Foundation Repair

The PierTech Patented Hercules Pile supports up to 500 tons and retains all features that make traditional helical piles easy to work with. Low noise installation, hassle-free minimal excavation requirements, all-weather installation, and zero vibration installations help not negatively affect other building foundations. This makes it the perfect choice for commercial applications, including large construction projects up to 10 stories high.

Tilt up construction

The process of installing square shaft piles is often employed to temporarily secure panels. Tilt-up construction is a popular method where large concrete panels are cast on-site, typically on a flat surface, and then lifted into position to form the walls of a building. This technique allows for the efficient and safe construction of tilt-up buildings, ensuring the stability and proper alignment of the panels during the lifting phase.

Egress Window Well Installation

Do you want a safer and brighter basement?

Egress windows are crucial to any basement renovation, as they provide a safe exit in an emergency.  A properly installed egress window improves your home's safety and brings natural light into your basement, making it a more welcoming and comfortable space. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, an egress window well protects against water damage and also adds value to your property.

At Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting, our experienced professionals offer top-tier egress window well installation services. We take pride in our workmanship and ensure that every installation meets the highest safety, functionality, and design standards. Call us today to get a free estimate and make your basement a safer, brighter, and more valuable space. 

Ken Rich professional offer Window Well Installation services

Commercial Snow Removal

Want a snow-free and safe commercial space?

Our priority is to provide top-notch service to commercial companies, big or small, to meet your snow removal needs. We specialize in commercial snow plowing, salt de-icing, and clearing sidewalks and door entrances. Our team is committed to providing exceptional snow management services for your school, townhome, apartment building, or other commercial real estate. Sit back and relax; let us take care of the snow!

A snow plow clears the parking lot of snow and ice in South Holland, IL

A service you can trust.

We take pride in delivering high-quality work and ensuring your 100% satisfaction. We understand the importance of trust when it comes to choosing a service provider, which is why we strive to build strong relationships with you.

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Are you in need of concrete raising and foundation repair services?

Look no further than Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting!  From residential customers to commercial projects, we do it all.